[dpdk-users] Example app link_status_interrupt: interfaces come not up

Martin Trommer Martin.Trommer at rohde-schwarz.com
Fri Apr 20 12:05:54 CEST 2018

Hello DPDK users,

If I start the DPDK sample application "link_status_interrupt" the interface states will not change. It stays DOWN. App is exited by sending Signal SIGINT.

A second start of "./link_status_interrupt" will show the interface states as UP.

A third start will also show the interface states as UP.

Here my command:

./link_status_interrupt -w 0000:18:00.2 -w 0000:18:00.3 -l 0-2 -- -q 2 -p 3

0000:18:00.2 and 0000:18:00.3 are wired with each other.
I use a X710 on board chip with 4 interfaces (0000:18:00.0 - 0000:18:00.3).

DPDK 18.02 is used.

What can I do that the interfaces will come UP in the first run ?

Thanks in advance,


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