[dpdk-users] memzone reserve 2GB memory fail in dynamic memory mode

Crane Chu cranechu at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 10:03:35 CET 2018


In my DPDK/SPDK application, it needs a large contiguous memory (2GB or
even much larger) given enough memory pre-allocated. It works fine with
DPDK before v18.05.

Now, I want to upgrade DPDK to v18.10, which includes the reworked memory
subsystem. In legary mode, rte_memzone_reserve_aligned can still reserve
the memory successfully, and the application works fine.

However, in new dynamic mode, rte_memzone_reserve_aligned(... 2GB,
..., RTE_MEMZONE_IOVA_CONTIG) fails always. So, in dynamic memory mode of
the reworked memory subsystem, is it possible to allocate the large
contiguous memzone? Is there any special configuration required?


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