[dpdk-users] Unregistered mempool in secondary

Tom Barbette barbette at kth.se
Thu Dec 6 22:53:39 CET 2018

?Thanks Cliff for your input. However I do not allocate anything after the device has started. I only create two mempool, one per socket, and they are both looked up fine in the secondary,. Moreover, my setup works without any problem when I use two ports on the same NUMA node/same physical PCIe NIC card.


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Objet : Re: [dpdk-users] Unregistered mempool in secondary

This problem happened to me, and the issue I had was you need to make sure all mempools, whether generated with rte_mempool_create, or pktmbuf_create are created in the primary process. Your secondary can then look up the name of them. If you try to create one of these in the secondary process, you will see the errors you had above. I ended up making sure all rte structures were created in my primary, and the secondary simply requested things to be created. This can be done using the IPC library.

On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 9:28 AM Tom Barbette <barbette at kth.se<mailto:barbette at kth.se>> wrote:
> except for the fact that you shouldn't run your secondary process with the same coremask as primary (it will lead to mempool cache corruption, among other things).

If I don't touch any packet on the primary, this shouldn't cause any problem, right? We want to use all of the CPU cores for processing. The primary is only a controller.


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