[dpdk-users] How to distribute socket_id from logical cores?

Sungho Hong maverickjin88 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 06:15:13 CET 2018

Hello DPDK experts

I am trying to assign 8 rx-queue with each different socket ids from
different logical cores.

For example I am using
for (lcore_id = 0; lcore_id < RTE_MAX_LCORE; lcore_id++)
     socketid = rte_lcore_to_socket_id(lcore_id);

to get the socket id and trying to assign the pools.
However, even with the examples in DPDK.
All I'am getting is socket number 0 or 1

If you look at the logs you can see that
I have assigned memory pool with different queues and different logical
core but the socket id will not change.

queue 1 mbuf_pool socketid : lcore:2,* sock:0*, nb_mbuf:12800
queue 2 mbuf_pool socketid : lcore:3,* sock:0*, nb_mbuf:12800
queue 3 mbuf_pool socketid : lcore:4,* sock:0*, nb_mbuf:12800
queue 4 mbuf_pool socketid : lcore:5, *sock:0,* nb_mbuf:12800
queue 5 mbuf_pool socketid : lcore:6, sock:0, nb_mbuf:12800
queue 6 mbuf_pool socketid : lcore:7, sock:0, nb_mbuf:12800
queue 7 mbuf_pool socketid : lcore:8, sock:1, nb_mbuf:12800

Any idea of how to allocate with different socket numbers other than zero?

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