[dpdk-users] Do dpdk support infiniband ConnectX-3 Pro cards?

Stephen Hemminger stephen at networkplumber.org
Thu Nov 22 20:19:17 CET 2018

On Thu, 22 Nov 2018 16:27:46 +0800
Quan Zhou <zzqq2199 at mail.ustc.edu.cn> wrote:

> Hello,
> 	I’ve worked on making dpdk running on our infiniband card Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro MT27520 but encountered some problems. I find in dpdk official hardware support list, it only list one ConnectX-3 Pro card which is an Ethernet card. Here is the hardware support list link: http://doc.dpdk.org/guides/nics/mlx4.html#supported-nics
>   Now I want to ask you whether dpdk supports our card ConnectX-3 Pro MT27520, or whether dpdk supports infiniband ConnectX-3 Pro cards. 
>   Thanks in advance!
> Regards,
> Quan

The simplest way to answer that question on your own is to find the pci information with lspci.
Then lookup card in the tables in the source code.  That gives you the definitive answer.

Since Mellanox uses bifurcated mode you also have to have the matching Linux kernel driver.

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