[dpdk-users] Building app with source in subdirectory ?doesn't work

Rami Rosen roszenrami at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 11:14:14 CEST 2018

Hi Petr,

OK, your reply clarifies the issue. I confirm that I could reproduce
the same issue
you had following your reply. So something is missing, or maybe if the
use case is justified, maybe
additional work should be done in the build system (maybe related to
mk/rte.extsubdir.mk) to support it (I assume you know the build system
is now moving to meson/ninja)

I found a workaround, maybe it will satisfy you.
I created a soft link from the helloworld folder:
ln -s tst/tst.c tst.c
instead having
SRCS-y := main.c \
I use
SRCS-y := main.c tst.c

And it works for me. Any change in tst/tst.c and running make triggers
building of tst/tst.c. "make clean" works, etc.

Another thing that I wan to mention that generally the build system
does support nesting
but in a different way than you try. What I mean is creating
subfolders under a sprcified folder, but not
having modules at all in the root folder.
For example, the multi process sample app:

Rami Rosen

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