[dpdk-users] Building app with source in subdirectory ?doesn't work

Petr Houska t-pehous at microsoft.com
Mon Sep 10 18:47:52 CEST 2018


> OK, your reply clarifies the issue. I confirm that I could reproduce 
> the same issue you had following your reply. So something is missing, 
> or maybe if the use case is justified, maybe additional work should be 
> done in the build system (maybe related to
> mk/rte.extsubdir.mk) to support it (I assume you know the build system 
> is now moving to meson/ninja)

It would be really beneficial for (I suppose not only) our use case where we generate some files (.c and .h) for serialization/deserialization (we're using thrift) and would prefer them contained in a standalone folder. 

Having it in standalone folder makes a few things easier. It clearly communicates that these are compiler generated files. It also makes regenerating / clearing them easy and safe.

And I don't think that's the only usecase for having modules both in project's root and a subfolder.

> I found a workaround, maybe it will satisfy you.
> I created a soft link from the helloworld folder:
> ln -s tst/tst.c tst.c
> and
> instead having
> SRCS-y := main.c \
>         tst/tst.c
> I use
> SRCS-y := main.c tst.c
> And it works for me. Any change in tst/tst.c and running make triggers 
> building of tst/tst.c. "make clean" works, etc.

Awesome! That's better than the hack workaround I came up with.

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