[dpdk-users] testpmd and jumbo frames

Filip Janiszewski contact at filipjaniszewski.com
Tue Feb 26 07:49:32 CET 2019


Can someone suggest the proper configuration required to test jumbo
frames along with scatter mode using testpmd?

I'm running the tool as follow:

sudo ./testpmd -l 0-3 -n 4 -- -i --max-pkt-len=9600 --enable-scatter
--txd=512 --rxd=512 --forward-mode=flowgen

then attempting to set the packet length:

testpmd> set txpkts 9036
length[0]=9036 > mbuf_data_size=2176 - give up

According to the documentation
(https://doc.dpdk.org/guides/testpmd_app_ug/run_app.html), the option
txpkts should configure:

Set TX segment sizes or total packet length. Valid for tx-only and
flowgen forwarding modes.

So I was expecting to be able to set the packet length in this way, but
somehow it doesn't work and when I hit start the packets have always a
length of 60 bytes:

 src=00:01:02:03:04:00 - dst=00:01:02:03:04:01 - type=0x0800 - length=60
- nb_segs=1 - hw ptype: L2_ETHER L3_IPV4_EXT_UNKNOWN L4_UDP  - sw ptype:
L2_ETHER L3_IPV4 L4_UDP  - l2_len=14 - l3_len=20 - l4_len=8 - Send queue=0x0

I've attempted to set the queue capabilities (scatter and JF) by hand with:

testpmd> port config 1 rx_offload scatter on
testpmd> port config 1 rx_offload jumbo_frame on

(repeated for both port) but this doesn't helped, so, how do I test a
card using testpmd with packets bigger than 2176?


BR, Filip
+48 666 369 823

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