[dpdk-users] Guide on DPDK test command

Trahe, Fiona fiona.trahe at intel.com
Tue Feb 26 12:28:01 CET 2019


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> Hi Gurus,
> It is seen that the dpdk provides unit test tool for many dpdk functionality, in the folder test/, like
> test_crytodev.c. These files contain the callback functions and the data structures for test command.
> Does any guy know how to use these test functions and is there any guides?
[Fiona] I don't know of a guide, but what I do is:
set up hugepages, e.g. by using ./usertools/dpdk-setup.sh
make test-build -j
cd build/app
./test -n1 -l2
>crypto... (tab will autocomplete and you can see which test suites are available, e.g. cryptodev_null_autotest will run on the NULL pmd)

For most other PMDs which depend on external libs you'll need to ensure you have the lib installed on your platform. And enable the build in the config file. Instructions specific to each PMD are here:

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