[dpdk-users] Can I use OVS-DPDK as a ToR software switch ?

Mona ElSaadawy mona.elsaadawy at mail.mcgill.ca
Thu Jan 17 17:49:00 CET 2019


I'm a kind of new to DPDK and I have a project to build using software switch(OVS). So on a commodity server, I deployed OVS_DPDK and added two DPDK supported NICs as a ports to that OVS-DPDK. I need this switch to route the packets between two application components running on two different physical nodes. However, I always got connection failed as OVS_DPDK can't handle L3 forwarding between these two application components. So Is there any solution to this problem?. I only see people use DPDK traffic generator and testdump with OVS-DPDK, isn't feasible to use OVS-DPDK to route the traffic between the components of any other kind of applications?.

Another question, is it possible to enable vxlan in OVS-DPDK ?. If yes, do you have any tutorials?. If no, is there any work around?.



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