[dpdk-users] DPDK and isolcpus

曾懷恩 the at csie.io
Fri Jul 26 16:56:01 CEST 2019

Hi Filip,

Do you use Mellanox NIC?

In my experience, rte_lcore_count only counts those lcores that are not isolated when using mlx5 driver.

And Intel ixgbe counts lcores correctly even I use isolcpus flag


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> Hi,
> I've configured a bunch of my box cores with isolcpus and nohz_full in
> the attempt to squeeze a little more performance out of them, but,
> apparently I can't use those core in DPDK anymore as it seems that
> rte_lcore_count reports only core which are not isolated, also I can't
> launch any thread (rte_eal_remote_launch) on those cores.
> In my understanding
> (http://doc.dpdk.org/spp-18.02/setup/performance_opt.html) I should be
> able to "Use the isolcpus Linux kernel parameter to isolate them from
> Linux scheduler to reduce context switches. It prevents workloads of
> other processes than DPDK running on reserved cores with isolcpus
> parameter." but can't make it work.
> Which is the correct way to bind DPDK threads to isolated cpus?
> Thanks
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