[dpdk-users] Flow director struct rte_flow_item_raw guild

曾懷恩 the at csie.io
Thu May 9 04:01:22 CEST 2019


I have a few questions about structure rte_flow_item_raw.

In DPDK API doc, it shows there are some below elements in this structure

uint32_t	relative:1
uint32_t	search:1
uint32_t	reserved:30
int32_t 	offset
uint16_t	limit
uint16_t	length
const uint8_t * 	pattern

 Now I can understand the relative and search elements are used to determine search type.

The offset element is used to set the start search point in packet.

The limit element is used to set the end search point in packet.

However, I can’t understand what the pattern element is used to?

What kind of pointer should I assign to the pattern element?

Besides, in other rte_flow_item_* structures, there are clearly elements to let user to set contents and masks.

How do I do in the structure rte_flow_item_raw?

Thanks a lot,

Best Regards,

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