[dpdk-announce] release candidate 2.1.0-rc1

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Mon Jul 20 04:21:50 CEST 2015

A new DPDK release candidate is ready for testing:

This is the first release candidate for DPDK 2.1.
It means we are entering in the RC testing phase.
Only fixes and cleanups will be accepted.

Changelog (main enhancements since 2.0.0)
	* memory size without hugepage
	* indirect mbuf cloning
	* packet type
	* memzone freeing
	* IEEE1588 timestamping
	* multicast filtering
	* flow director extension
	* hash key size
	* hotplug in BSD
	* e1000 hotplug
	* igb dump
	* ixgbe base update
	* ixgbe hotplug
	* ixgbe LRO
	* ixgbe dump
	* i40e base update
	* i40e hotplug
	* i40e port mirroring
	* i40e QinQ
	* fm10k hotplug
	* fm10k promiscuous
	* fm10k mac vlan filtering
	* mlx4 update
	* cxgbe driver
	* vmxnet3 vlan filtering
	* virtio hotplug
	* vhost migration
	* pcap jumbo
	* TILE-Gx architecture
	* HTM lock elision for x86
	* jhash update
	* toeplitz hash
	* cuckoo hash
	* KNI optimization
	* KNI multicast
	* packet framework enhancements
	* cmdline polling mode
	* VXLAN example

You are welcome to review pending patches from other developers
in http://dpdk.org/dev/patchwork and send your comments:

There were a lot of interesting dicussions during this release cycle which led
to create and improve the guidelines document. The drawback is that several
important design choices were done late. That's why the deadline for feature
acceptance (i.e. rc1) was extended.
The goal is now to make the release 2.1.0 available on August 12, with a new
release candidate each week. Hope the -rc4 will be the last one.

Please test this release candidate with your hardware and your preferred apps.
Thank you everyone for making each version better!

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