[dpdk-announce] release candidate 2.1.0-rc2

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Tue Jul 28 00:55:40 CEST 2015

A new DPDK release candidate is ready for testing:

Except some fixes, there are more features in drivers, a new bnx2x driver
and the introduction of the interrupt mode which was pending for a long time.
Having such features in a RC2 is unusual and must be unrepeatable.
>From now, only important fixes and cleanups will be accepted.

Please test it and check the documentation.

Changelog (main enhancements since 2.1.0-rc1)
	- enhancements:
		* interrupt mode
		* new bnx2x driver
		* cxgbe for FreeBSD
		* e1000 82583V jumbo
		* fm10k Tx checksum offload
		* bonding hotplug
		* ring PMD hotplug
	- fixes for:
		* build
		* ABI
		* virtio Rx
		* ixgbe scattered Rx
		* ixgbe stats
		* ixgbe stop
		* fm10k fault interrupt

You are welcome to review or rework the pending fixes for RC3 inclusion:
Some help is also required to check the ABI stability and to validate
the next ABI breakings.

Thank you

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