[dpdk-ci] June 30, 2020 Community CI Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Lavoie lylavoie at iol.unh.edu
Wed Jul 1 19:25:41 CEST 2020

June 30, 2020
1. Lincoln Lavoie
2. Brandon Lo
3. Trishan de Lanerolle
4. James Hendergart
5. Juraj Linkes
6. Reyfone Wang
7. Tomasz Zawadzki
8. Owen Hilyard
9. Daniel Kirichok
10. David Liu
11. Thomas Monjalon
12. Ali Alnubani

Note, I missed grabbing a list of the attendees in real time (so this is
from memory, apologizes if I’ve missed a name).
1. Bugzilla Tracking for CI
2. CI Status
3. Coverity
4. Test Development
5. Any other business
Bugzilla Tracking for CI
* The “Lab” product now has the following components
   * CI scripts
   * Dashboard
   * Intel Lab
   * Travis CI
   * UNH Infra
* Should we have default assignees for each component, instead of the
generic ci at dpdk.org?
   * Lincoln will work on reviewing / assigning bugs that exist to get
things cleaned up.
   * New bugs will still be created with the ci at dpdk.org assignee and will
be assigned after review / confirmation.
CI Status
* BUG-495: make builds are getting stuck
   * Impacts all labs, need to change the flags on compile, to skip waiting
for user input
   * This is because Makefiles will be removed in 20.11.
   * Keep Makefile testing until 20.11, then we remove the Makefile from CI
   * Assign to Intel, put Brandon in the CC of the Bug
* Intel Lab
   * BUG-493:
      * Intel Lab has DPDK headers installed system wide?
         * Need to confirm with Intel.
      * Reporting format
         * Should we only report on the last patch in a series?
      * Updating patches and applying patches in order (especially if they
modify the same file)
         * Use git-pw to make sure patches are applied in order (Ali has
details as patchwork’s maintainer)
* Travis CI
   * No changes, no issues.
* UNH Lab
   * Windows mingw-w64 compile testing (Bug-476)
      * In production now (reporting to patchworks)
      * Proposal to change warnings to errors, patch should have been
merged, need to confirm if there are still warnings, before enabling this.
   * Broadcom upgrade to include 100Gbe NICs
      * https://bugs.dpdk.org/show_bug.cgi?id=489
      * Should be installed early next week (July 6)
   * SPDK unit testing is enabled / submitting to patchworks
      * Haven’t seen any failures / issues
* OpenSUSE Build Services (in development)
   * Everything is ready to submit, waiting on final legal sign off
* DPDK has an account, running manually by John from Intel, and doesn’t
cover all of the code base.
   * Free account, allowed to run multiple times per day
* Would be more ideal to include Coverity from UNH platform, to improve the
code base coverage (i.e. enable all drivers, etc.)
   * Process: build with tool set to instrument the output, submit tarbal
to Coverity
* Timing of triggers / building
   * How often to run this
   * Which branch to run against
* UNH will look into this and reach out to John to get more details
   * Lincoln will create a bug to track this and will kick off the
questions to the mailing lists, pending the outcome of investigations.
   * This will be worked on after we have the CI scripts working to run the
additional DTS test cases that have been developed.
Test Development
* RSS Key Update
   * Coding and RST is getting started, based on feedback from the initial
* Checksum Offload
   * Submitted to DTS, includes feedback from mailing, tests multiple
layers / encapsulations, etc.
* Speed Capabilities
   * Submitted to DTS, got feedback from the DTS team, need to review that.
   * May have an issue with missing items within test pmd, need to open a
bug in DPDK to request the feature. Dan will do this.
* Promiscuous Mode
   * Basic case is already implemented in DTS, and doesn't cover corner
cases (i.e. activating in different modes).  There may also be an issue
with what status for the other modes are available in the status output
from testpmd. For now, this development is tabled for now.
* MTU Update
   * Updated per feedback, submitted to DTS.
* Rollout plan
   * Brandon is working on scripts to run new DTS cases on the hardware
platforms in the lab.  Planning to put focus on making it as easy as
possible to add new test cases, as they become available / vetted through
the development process.
   * DPDK board meeting is July 12, and needs the progress updates by July
Any other business
* Meeting time:
   * Beginning in August, Lincoln has a conflict on this time slot, because
of required participation in the OPNFV TSC.  Can we open a doodle poll to
look for an alternate slot for this session?
      * Lincoln will send out a poll to the current participants list, plus
the DTS and Intel lab folks.

*Lincoln Lavoie*
Senior Engineer, Broadband Technologies
21 Madbury Rd., Ste. 100, Durham, NH 03824
lylavoie at iol.unh.edu
+1-603-674-2755 (m)
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