[dpdk-dev] DPDK pktgen

Jun Han junhanece at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 03:50:00 CET 2014


I have a quick question about using your DPDK pktgen. I want to
sequentially increase the destination IP address so I modified the .lua
file in the following way. However, as I am printing the contents of IP
header in the other machine, I find that the IP address does not keep
incrementing all the way to but quickly rolls back to some
other IP address. (e.g., from 5.54.0 to, or from to as shown below in bold fonts.) Do you know what could be the
problem? Am I implementing this lua file incorrectly? Thank you.

----- Part of .lua file ----

pktgen.set("0", "size", 64);

pktgen.dst_ip("0", "start", "");

pktgen.dst_ip("0", "inc", "");

pktgen.dst_ip("0", "min", "");

pktgen.dst_ip("0", "max", "");

------- output of received packet header dst ip address on the machine
receiving the packets -----

IP=0x390500, IP=

IP=0x380500, IP=

IP=0x370500, IP=

*IP=0x360500, IP=*

*IP=0xb40100, IP=*

IP=0xb30100, IP=

IP=0xb20100, IP=

IP=0xb00100, IP=

IP=0xac0100, IP=

IP=0xab0100, IP=

IP=0xaa0100, IP=

IP=0xa90100, IP=

IP=0xa80100, IP=

IP=0xa70100, IP=

IP=0xa60100, IP=

IP=0xa50100, IP=

IP=0xa40100, IP=

IP=0xa30100, IP=

IP=0xa20100, IP=

IP=0xa10100, IP=

IP=0xa00100, IP=

IP=0x9f0100, IP=

IP=0x9e0100, IP=

IP=0x9d0100, IP=

IP=0x9c0100, IP=

IP=0x9b0100, IP=

IP=0x9a0100, IP=

IP=0x990100, IP=

IP=0x980100, IP=

IP=0x970100, IP=

IP=0x960100, IP=

IP=0x950100, IP=

IP=0x940100, IP=

IP=0x930100, IP=

IP=0x920100, IP=

*IP=0x910100, IP=*

*IP=0x180600, IP=*

IP=0x170600, IP=

IP=0x160600, IP=

IP=0x140600, IP=

IP=0x100600, IP=

IP=0xf0600, IP=

IP=0xe0600, IP=

IP=0xd0600, IP=

IP=0xc0600, IP=

IP=0xb0600, IP=

IP=0xa0600, IP=

IP=0x90600, IP=

IP=0x80600, IP=

IP=0x70600, IP=

IP=0x60600, IP=

IP=0x50600, IP=

IP=0x40600, IP=

IP=0x30600, IP=

IP=0x20600, IP=

IP=0x10600, IP=

IP=0x600, IP=

IP=0xff0500, IP=

IP=0xfe0500, IP=

IP=0xfd0500, IP=

IP=0xfc0500, IP=

IP=0xfb0500, IP=

IP=0xfa0500, IP=

IP=0xf90500, IP=

IP=0xf80500, IP=

IP=0xf70500, IP=

IP=0xf60500, IP=

IP=0xf50500, IP=

IP=0x6a0200, IP=

IP=0x690200, IP=

IP=0x680200, IP=

IP=0x660200, IP=

IP=0x620200, IP=

IP=0x610200, IP=

IP=0x600200, IP=

IP=0x5f0200, IP=

IP=0x5e0200, IP=

IP=0x5d0200, IP=

IP=0x5c0200, IP=

IP=0x5b0200, IP=

IP=0x5a0200, IP=

IP=0x590200, IP=

IP=0x580200, IP=

IP=0x570200, IP=

IP=0x560200, IP=

IP=0x550200, IP=

IP=0x540200, IP=

IP=0x530200, IP=

IP=0x520200, IP=

IP=0x510200, IP=

IP=0x500200, IP=

IP=0x4f0200, IP=

IP=0x4e0200, IP=

IP=0x4d0200, IP=

IP=0x4c0200, IP=

IP=0x4b0200, IP=

IP=0x4a0200, IP=

IP=0x490200, IP=

IP=0x480200, IP=

IP=0x470200, IP=

IP=0xb70600, IP=

IP=0xb60600, IP=

IP=0xb50600, IP=

IP=0xb30600, IP=

IP=0xaf0600, IP=

IP=0xae0600, IP=

IP=0xad0600, IP=

IP=0xac0600, IP=

IP=0xab0600, IP=

IP=0xaa0600, IP=

IP=0xa90600, IP=

IP=0xa80600, IP=

IP=0xa70600, IP=

IP=0xa60600, IP=

IP=0xa50600, IP=

IP=0xa40600, IP=

IP=0xa30600, IP=

IP=0xa20600, IP=

IP=0xa10600, IP=

IP=0xa00600, IP=

IP=0x9f0600, IP=

IP=0x9e0600, IP=

IP=0x9d0600, IP=

IP=0x9c0600, IP=

IP=0x9b0600, IP=

IP=0x9a0600, IP=

IP=0x990600, IP=

IP=0x980600, IP=

IP=0x970600, IP=

IP=0x960600, IP=

IP=0x950600, IP=

IP=0x940600, IP=

IP=0x130300, IP=

IP=0x120300, IP=

IP=0x110300, IP=

IP=0xf0300, IP=

IP=0xb0300, IP=

IP=0xa0300, IP=

IP=0x90300, IP=

IP=0x80300, IP=

IP=0x70300, IP=

IP=0x60300, IP=

IP=0x50300, IP=

IP=0x40300, IP=

IP=0x30300, IP=

IP=0x20300, IP=

IP=0x10300, IP=

IP=0x300, IP=

IP=0xff0200, IP=

IP=0xfe0200, IP=

IP=0xfd0200, IP=

IP=0xfc0200, IP=

IP=0xfb0200, IP=

IP=0xfa0200, IP=

IP=0xf90200, IP=

IP=0xf80200, IP=

IP=0xf70200, IP=

IP=0xf60200, IP=

IP=0xf50200, IP=

IP=0xf40200, IP=

IP=0xf30200, IP=

IP=0xf20200, IP=

IP=0xf10200, IP=

IP=0xf00200, IP=

IP=0x750700, IP=

IP=0x740700, IP=

IP=0x730700, IP=

IP=0x710700, IP=

IP=0x6e0700, IP=

IP=0x6d0700, IP=

IP=0x6c0700, IP=

IP=0x6b0700, IP=

IP=0x6a0700, IP=

IP=0x690700, IP=

IP=0x680700, IP=

IP=0x670700, IP=

IP=0x660700, IP=

IP=0x650700, IP=

IP=0x640700, IP=

IP=0x630700, IP=

IP=0x620700, IP=

IP=0x610700, IP=

IP=0x600700, IP=

IP=0x5f0700, IP=

IP=0x5e0700, IP=

IP=0x5d0700, IP=

IP=0x5c0700, IP=

IP=0x5b0700, IP=

IP=0x5a0700, IP=

IP=0x590700, IP=

IP=0x580700, IP=

IP=0x570700, IP=

IP=0x560700, IP=

IP=0x550700, IP=

IP=0x540700, IP=

IP=0x530700, IP=

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