[dpdk-dev] l3fwd LPM lookup - issue when measuring latency

Jun Han junhanece at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 17:29:36 CET 2014

Hi all,

I've been trying to measure possible performance penalties of performing
LPM table lookup on l3fwd code (as opposed to a simple forwarding without
lookup, i.e., forwarding back to the ingress port).

I perform two sets of experiments -- (1) generate a fixed dst IP address
from DPDK pktgen; (2) generate random dst IP address from DPDK pktgen. My
hypothesis is that for case (1), upon receiving many packets with same dst
IP, DPDK l3fwd should only need to fetch LPM table from the cache. However,
case (2) would generate more cache misses, hence requiring fetches from
memory, which should increase the latency. (My current machine has 20MB of
L3 cache.)

However, when I measure the average cycles it takes to perform a lookup
indexed by the received dst IP address, the two cases yield almost similar
results of around 34 cycles. I am using rdtsc to measure the cycles in the
rte_lpm_lookup() function in rte_lpm.h (under lib/librte_lpm). I am not
sure if this is due to rte_rdtsc problem, or if I am misunderstanding

tsc1 = rte_rdtsc();
tbl_entry = *(const uint16_t *)&lpm->tbl24[tbl24_index];
tscdif = rte_rdtsc() - tsc1;
aggreg_dif += tscdif;

I would appreciate it if someone could provide their opinion on this

Thanks in advance!

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