[dpdk-dev] Using flow director to distrbute vlan traffic

Viswanath Alikonda viswanath.alikonda at calsoftlabs.com
Tue Mar 25 12:54:30 CET 2014


I am using DPDK 1.4 and trying to distribute traffic based on (IP,vlan). I expect the traffic of (IP,vlan) goes to one core. The code looks like this:

    struct   rte_fdir_masks fdir_masks;
    struct   rte_fdir_filter fdir_filter;

    memset(&fdir_masks, 0, sizeof(struct rte_fdir_masks));
    fdir_masks.src_ipv4_mask = HHIP_MASK;
    memset(&fdir_filter, 0, sizeof(struct rte_fdir_filter));
    fdir_filter.iptype = RTE_FDIR_IPTYPE_IPV4;
    fdir_masks.only_ip_flow  = 0;
    rte_eth_dev_fdir_set_masks(port, &fdir_masks);
    fdir_filter.l4type = RTE_FDIR_L4TYPE_NONE;
    fdir_filter.ip_src.ipv4_addr = map[i].hh_lan_ip;
    fdir_filter.vlan_id = map[i].vlan_id;
    err = rte_eth_dev_fdir_add_signature_filter(port, &fdir_filter, 1 + map[i].core);

In DPDK 1.4, the vlan is stripped while filtering itself. But, I am unable to distribute it to the particular core. Can anyone through some light on this.

Thanks & Regards,

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