[dpdk-dev] open data plane based on dpdk and netdp

zimeiw zimeiw at 163.com
Fri Nov 7 05:36:08 CET 2014


NETDP news :
UDP protocol and part of socket layer are porting into NETDP.
Another application could establish UDP socket via NETDP, and could communicate with remote application on other PC.
Packets ZERO copy between application and NETDP.
No lock in UDP stack and socket layer.
Running on multiple cores.
Code link: https://github.com/opendp/dpdk-odp
Demo link:  https://github.com/opendp/dpdk-odp/wiki/Demo::UDP-socket
Next planning: testing performance and porting TCP to NETDP.

OPENDP (open data plane) news
Create an initial opendp (open data plane) process based on dpdk and netdp.
The purpose of OPENDP as below:
User could build up a data plane to handle level 3, level 4 traffic easily.
User could choice needed component to to setup data plane, of course currently the component is little.
All application with mass traffic could go though data plane.
OPENDP could also be fast path of software router.
and so on...
Code link: https://github.com/opendp/dpdk-odp/tree/master/opendp

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