[dpdk-dev] vSwitch Performance Comparison for NFV Use Case

Jun Xiao jun.xiao at cloudnetengine.com
Fri Aug 21 21:18:11 CEST 2015

Hi Mark,
Last time we discussed methodologies for vSwitch performance comparison, and the performance data we published is more for typical TCP based applications in virtualized data centers.Today we shared more data for small packet size traffic at http://cloudnetengine.com/en/blog/2015/08/21/vswitch-performance-comparison-nfv-use-case, and the perfomance gets much closed (around 10-20%) between OVS-DPDK and CNE vSwitch as the tests are barely forwarding and without any other features.

On the other hand, it's really hard to find any public performance data for OVS-DPDK under pNIC -> vSwitch -> VM -> vSwitch -> pNIC case. What I observed is that OVS-DPDK can have generally less than 3 MPPS on my setup (vhost user is used instead of IVSHMEM), don't know if the data are aligned with what you have?

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