[dpdk-dev] vSwitch Performance Comparison for NFV Use Case

Traynor, Kevin kevin.traynor at intel.com
Mon Aug 24 18:50:28 CEST 2015

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> Subject: [dpdk-dev] vSwitch Performance Comparison for NFV Use Case
> Hi Mark,
> Last time we discussed methodologies for vSwitch performance comparison, and
> the performance data we published is more for typical TCP based applications
> in virtualized data centers.Today we shared more data for small packet size
> traffic at http://cloudnetengine.com/en/blog/2015/08/21/vswitch-performance-
> comparison-nfv-use-case, and the perfomance gets much closed (around 10-20%)
> between OVS-DPDK and CNE vSwitch as the tests are barely forwarding and
> without any other features.
> On the other hand, it's really hard to find any public performance data for
> OVS-DPDK under pNIC -> vSwitch -> VM -> vSwitch -> pNIC case. What I observed
> is that OVS-DPDK can have generally less than 3 MPPS on my setup (vhost user
> is used instead of IVSHMEM), don't know if the data are aligned with what you
> have?

That seems reasonable enough (maybe a little low) considering you are on a 2.4 GHz
and are using one logical core so the pmd will be sharing a physical core. As you
said you will get greater performance if you add another pmd. You will also get
better performance if you set rx_mrgbuf=off.

Did you core affinitize the pmd to an empty core and the pkt fwding qemu thread to
make sure they get the cycles they need?

> Thanks,Junwww.cloudnetengine.com

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