[dpdk-dev] [PKTGEN] OK to reindent the pktgen (mix of tabs and spaces, etc.)?

Wiles, Keith keith.wiles at intel.com
Sun Jan 3 18:09:16 CET 2016

On 1/3/16, 2:06 AM, "Matthew Hall" <mhall at mhcomputing.net> wrote:

>In over a month I didn't get a reply if it would be OK to clean up the 
>inconsistent tabs and spaces indents in the pktgen, to make it easier 
>for the community to read the code and help maintain it and add bug fixes.
>It would be very helpful if I could get a response and a plan for this 
>if my proposal is not acceptable, or it's not going to be very pleasant 
>to patch any bugs I find when testing it, as some of the stuff I'd want 
>to work on in the pktgen comes from files with weird indentation that is 
>not consistent and thus painful to send patches.

Sorry, Matthew, You sent your email around Thanksgiving/release time and I missed it. If you have questions or comments directly for Pktgen please put [PKTGEN] in the subject line I have a filter for that one.
>On 11/22/15 11:10 PM, Matthew Hall wrote:
>> I would like to reindent it using the following astyle command, with a few
>> small hand edits past that level, to get it closer to most other DPDK code as
>> the inconsistent mix of tabs, spaces, etc. makes it difficult to read and
>> debug when it has issues.
>> Obviously the upstream Lua and common/wr_* code would not be included as they
>> seem to be copied from elsewhere w/ different upstream standards.
>> If I were to make the big diff needed for this, would this item be acceptable
>> upstream?
>> Otherwise it is going to be hard to get more people working on the code
>> reliably as it will be hard for others to follow besides the original authors.
>> astyle \
>> --max-code-length=132 \
>> --style=attach \
>> --break-closing-brackets \
>> --add-brackets \
>> --indent=force-tab=8 \

Pktgen is setup for tabs for 4 (with replace tabs with spaces), using tab stop of 8 is just wrong IMO :-)
Just started using kdevelop instead of eclipse, so I may have corrupted the style some :-(

At least it is suppose to be done that way. I will reformat the code (with tabs=4) and have a look at the output.
The rules from other places like to replace tabs with spaces, which is OK I guess.

I can run the astyle on the code and look at the output, if it looks OK I will submit it to the repo, then we just need to understand your hand edits.

We need to discuss the DPDK coding style not in this email, but as a standalone email on the dev list. But here are my thoughts for now.

A bigger question is what is the coding style of DPDK and where is it documented? I looked in the docs/web site and did not find any coding style suggestions. Maybe I missed it someplace.

Also using something like astyle or uncrustify tool would be a good thing to be done before releases or a patch is submitted.

I know checkpatch likes to check for some items like extra white space characters at end of lines. I like tools that do just one job like astyle or uncrustify or lint tools. IMO checkpatch should not be doing style checks per say, but a couple of minor checks is fine. If we want the code to run through a style checker then lets start using one.

>> --indent-switches \
>> --indent-labels \
>> --indent-col1-comments \
>> --pad-oper \
>> --pad-header \
>> --unpad-paren \
>> --align-pointer=type \
>> --align-reference=type \
>> --suffix=none \
>> --lineend=linux \
>> ./app/**/*.{c,h}
>> Sincerely,
>> Matthew.


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