[dpdk-dev] [PKTGEN] OK to reindent the pktgen (mix of tabs and spaces, etc.)?

Matthew Hall mhall at mhcomputing.net
Sun Jan 3 23:07:35 CET 2016

On 1/3/16 9:09 AM, Wiles, Keith wrote:
> Pktgen is setup for tabs for 4 (with replace tabs with spaces), using tab stop of 8 is just wrong IMO :-)
> Just started using kdevelop instead of eclipse, so I may have corrupted the style some :-(

The problem I found was a number of files had an incompatible 
combination of the two formats.

Personally, I agree tab size 4 w/ spaces instead of tabs is easiest to 
read and edit. But I could live with any space based system for the most 
part. I find tab based systems are unpleasant because it is difficult 
when tabs are used for one thing and spaces for another thing. This 
annoyance also applies to DPDK and the kernel but it's too late for both 
of those.

> At least it is suppose to be done that way. I will reformat the code (with tabs=4) and have a look at the output.

Thanks this will be a big help.

> I can run the astyle on the code and look at the output, if it looks OK I will submit it to the repo

Sounds great... it is no big hurry on my end but I want to start with a 
clean slate before I get invested in the code, and start really hitting 
it hard, and making patches.

The formatting command I provided is not perfect, but it was the best I 
could do with the various popular indenter tools to try to avoid messing 
up too much of the rest of the good code in the files in the process of 
fixing the format.

You might be able to improve it a bit further w/ some additional 
experimentation since you are the original maintainer of the code 
obviously. Or perhaps reformat using tools in Eclipse or KDevelop? I had 
good luck w/ Eclipse before with special configuration but I only mostly 
used the Java mode not the C / C++ one which is less good.


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