[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 4/4] add ABI checks

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Tue Feb 4 11:38:36 CET 2020

04/02/2020 11:10, Trahe, Fiona:
> And not used for sizing  > >
> > > There a c) though right.
> > > We could work around the issue by api versioning rte_cryptodev_info_get() and friends.
> > 
> > It has a lot of friends, but it sounds like the right approach.
> > Is someone looking into this?
> [Fiona] Yes. But not clear yet if can be done by tomorrow.

Should be done by today now.

> But even if feasible, that only works around the current issue.
> There is a bigger issue to be decided here - 
> Should we be removing LIST_END/MAX values from all enums in 20.11?
> Or defining through API comment that they should only be used as a range boundary and
> NOT to size an array. And so having a fixed value is not part of the API contract.

Please let's discuss 20.11 API later. It is not so urgent.

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