[dpdk-dev] Windows Draft Build

Ranjit Menon ranjit.menon at intel.com
Mon Feb 10 06:03:34 CET 2020

On 2/8/2020 12:45 AM, Dmitry Kozlyuk wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having trouble building "dpdk.sln" from "windpdk-v18.08-clang" branch of
> "dpdk-draft-windows" repository using Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition.
> All projects are set up to use some "llvm" toolset. If I install LLVM Build
> Tools and switch toolset to Clang-cl, build fails because Platform SDK is not
> accessible. I tried to add Platform SDK include paths to Additional Include
> Directories, but ended up with multiple errors, indicating incompatibilities
> between Windows headers and Clang. Please find screenshots and logs attached.
> "Netuio.sln" builds OK.
Did you install the LLVM toolchain for VStudio:

You will need to ensure VS is closed before installing it.
It says it supports VS2017, but it will also work with VS2019, if VS2017 is already installed.

ranjit m.

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