[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-announce] release candidate 20.02-rc3

Maxime Coquelin maxime.coquelin at redhat.com
Thu Feb 20 10:56:57 CET 2020


Thanks for the testing.

On 2/20/20 10:41 AM, Peng, Yuan wrote:
> DPDK 20.02 RC3 Test Report from intel:
> Summary
> •	Totally 9898 test cases for 20.02 RC3, 9629 cases are executed, 9428 test cases passed, 178 test cases failed, 23 test case blocked,  Execution rate is 97.28%, pass rate is 97.91%.  
> •	Totally create ~278 new tests for DPDK20.02 new features. 
> •	New to create 9 issues from STV in RC3 till now, not include some issues have found and reported before RC3.  
> •	Met 1 build  issue on Centos 7.4 with DPDK 20.02 RC3, now it has been fixed, and patch applied.
> Details:
> •	Intel NIC PMD PF & VF regression: 99% executed, 0 critical issue and 1 high issue is tracked(verified). 
> 	Function cases include rx/tx/forward packets, packet processing, jumboframe, dual vlan, filter cases and so on: 5 bugs found, no critical and high level.
> 	Performance cases such as l2fwd, l3fwd, single core and so on: no new bug is found.
> •	Crypto cases include ipsec_gw cryptodev, fips cryptodev, l2fwd crypto, performance cases and so on: no critical and no high bugs found.
> •	Vhost/virtio: PVP/loopback, qemu/virtio-user, multi-queue, dequeue zero copy cases and so on: 1 new medium bug is found.

Do you confirm this is the bug we fixed earlier this week thqt
reproduced in Vhost PMD when stop and starting port?


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