[dpdk-users] Run-to-completion or Pipe-line for QAT PMD in DPDK

Changchun Zhang changchun.zhang at oracle.com
Fri Jan 18 00:00:51 CET 2019



I have user question on using the QAT device in the DPDK. 

In the real design, after calling enqueuer_burst() on the specified queue pair at one of the lcore, usually which one is usually done?

1.     should we do run-to-completion to call dequeuer_burst() waiting for the device finishing the crypto operation, 

2.     or should we do pipe-line, in which we return right after enqueuer_burst() and release the CPU. And call dequeuer_burst() on other thread function?

Option 1 is more like synchronous and can be seen on all the DPDK crypto examples, while option 2 is asynchronous which I have never seen in any reference design if I missed anything.




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